Branding & Web design
“B.I.D. Canada ltd. Is a custom design and manufacturing team that provides and maintains tailored bulk handling solutions to our client’s unique business problems.”


Agency The Ginger Agency
Creative direction Susana Rojas

At it’s beginnings, BID was formed as a “one-man engineering service, providing engineering and layout drawings for industrial clients on various types of projects. As the company’s success grew, one offering was in particularly high demand: conveyor systems.”

Having this in mind, the logo was created with the intention on representing the form of the conveyor, from a perspective that shows movement by its diagonals.
A symbol for smaller and secondary uses was created, by reducing its shape and maintening the first letter of the company’s name.
A dark blue is the main colour of the brand, pared with a lime yellow as an accent, that sometimes takes more space to make a point, or to be bold and daring.
Kanit Bold represent the primary typographic voice of the brand. While Manrope rests as a secondary typeface that is more discreate and simple.