Films for Hope

Films for Hope is an initiative that promotes Venezuelan and Latin American independent films in Spain and France, with the aim of raising funds that will be used for humanitarian aid for Venezuela.

Instagram: @FilmsForHope

Working with Andreina, the founder of this project, was an extraordinary experience, it did not only allowed me to see her commitment and dedication, but also of a group of volunteers that are passionate and seek to reach out to the most vulnerable, whether in Europe or Venezuela.
Inspiration - The ClapperboardI
I couldn’t stop seeing this arrows that go forward on this traditional wooden slate clapperboard. But instead of the going forward to the right, I decided to make it go up to represent the sensation of hope itself, and the filing of being lift by it.

It was very important to show a modern, optimistic and young imaginary by creating a look that differentiates from the usual colours associated with Venezuela, which are the flag colours: yellow, blue and red. Instead we used something more vibrant and modern.

“An acclaimed pioneer feminist filmmaker, Benacerraf has been an important inspiration and mentor to artists, writers and filmmakers around the world. After her films jumpstarted international interest in Venezuelan cinema and helped launch the New Latin Cinema, she went on to found Venezuela’s Cineteca Nacional and Fundavisual Latina — institutions dedicated to restoring films and bringing cinema from around the world to her native country.“


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