Harvest Music Fest

Brand identity
Agency: The Ginger Agency
Creative direction: Susana Rojas
Animation: Daniel Troconis

︎︎︎ Old logo

“As our board begins to ponder the next 30 years, we have decided it is time to officially evolve our name to better reflect who we have actually become - a much broader festival but still grounded in blues, roots, rock, Americana and so much more.” — HMF Board 
Stacked version of the logo︎︎︎

Backdrop design

It was important that the design could be hidden depending on how the stage lights were set up, so we kept the design minimalistic but dynamic, using the logo as a basis, extending and deformating its form.


Harvest TV

Besides the redesign of the brand we developed a new sub-brand that was going to live virtualy. A brand that would present live shows and streaming with the idea of making three types of series, Office series, Archived series and Live shows.

You can watch some videos on their YT channel.