New Conversations 2.0

Rebranding, editorial & web design
“Immigration is an evolving issue in New Brunswick. New conversations are still needed to ensure our new residents find meaningful opportunities and support when they arrive in our communities.“

Agency: The Ginger Agency
Creative direction: Susana Rojas
Design: Valentina Carrillo

The client planned to prepare a total of 15 virtual presentations in various communities throughout the province of New Brunswick, to present information on the labour market and demographic information for the region. Each of the 15 presentations in a bilingual format.

The aim is to raise public awareness of the significant challenges associated with population decline and labour market realities.
The logo is inspired in some elements such as chat bubles, bookmark stickers and highlighted text, Its unbalance forms trys to keep a fun and relax converstion, combined with a red color that shows us alertnes and urgency.

A symbol was created, which is a simplified version of the logo that maintains its dinamic form.

We design a website in Squarespace, where we tried to keep a balance between a fun, attractive aesthetic, and the sense of urgency, which is not only achivable by the colour palette, but also by its bold and big typeface, and the contraste between the content blocks.


Presentation deck
We design a basic and clean template that could be used in the presentation of each region, delivering to the client bilingual versions and different layouts that could be adapted depending on the content.

The idea with the report design was the same; having a template was very helpful to then adapt the content of the different regions. There was no printing to be made, so the layout was done in individual pages, but that could also be printed if wanted.

One pagers
An information page for wach region was design, some of them in one lenguage, others in bilingual versions.