Visual identity
Laura is a Venezuelan creative living in Santiago, Chile. She learned how to tuft not long ago and uses this technique to create rugs, clothing and other pieces.
Logo design: Paul Naveda
Visual identity: Valentina Carrillo

The logo was designed by Paul Naveda. He drew it by hand, digitized it and tweaked it to make some optical adjustments. Being very passionate about typefaces, it took him a while to have something he thought could work.

For the look and feel of the brand, we really wanted to show Laura's personality, because it is what she reflects with the tufted pieces. Eclectic, fun, colorful were the main words to keep in mind.
The pieces are the star product, but for Laura it is very important to also give a little more with other small and fun pieces. That is why we designed some stickers that could go inside the packaging as a gift, but also to put directly on the box or anywhere, and promote the brand through its daring and fun elements.
Some post cards were design to also give as gifts.
The beauty of adding the stickers to the boxes is that each one will be unique, like each design that Laura makes.